BOOST engage with teachers and schools

EUREGHA Office –  11 Rond Point Schuman, 1040 Brussels (BE), 24 October 2019 – 15:00/17:00

Thursday 24 October 2019, 15:00-17:00 at the EUREGHA Office

11 Rond Point Schuman, 1040 Brussels

It is proven that school-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs are powerful methods to increase social well-being and academic achievement in children. Numerous long-term effects are identified leading to more successes in later life and therefore increased overall happiness. Even though studies demonstrate the positive effects of SEL programs, several shortcomings are compromising the sustainability and long-term effects of these approaches. Now its time to start shifting to a #BOOSTapproach.   BOOST is a horizon 2020 project, launched in 2018, with the overall aim to develop, implement, and test a new SEL-based population approach to promote mental health and well-being in primary school children. To involve you into this innovative approach, the BOOST project partners would like to invite you to the first dissemination event on 24 October 2019.   During the event, discussions will take place on how to contribute to the “Economy of well-being”, building social and emotional skills in children and young people in Europe through the support of schools and teachers. With various speakers with different backgrounds and expertise, we aim to shed a light on the potentials of SEL-based approaches to improve mental health resilience.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Vladimir Garkov, DG EDUC, European Commission;
  • Stine Hellum Braathen, Scientific Coordinator, BOOST project, SINTEF;
  • Ase Marit Hovden, BOOST project partner, Buskerud County Council;
  • Laura Marchetti, Senior Policy Officer, Mental Health Europe;
  • Carlota Las Hayas, Scientific Coordinator, Upright Project;
  • Ingrid Stegeman, Programme Manager, Eurohealthnet;
  • Øyvind Henriksen, Member of the committee of education, Buskerud County Council;