BOOST project Kick-off Meeting

Brussels, 19th January 2018

The kick-off meeting of the BOOST project took place on 18-19 January in Brussels. During the kick-off partners convened to present the 7 work packages included in the project and prepare up-coming activities.

The BOOST project aims at building social and emotional skills to BOOST mental health resilience in children and young people in Europe.

This will be achieved through the development of a new approach to integrating social and emotional learning (SEL) in teachers’ pedagogical skills and classroom interaction, and by the design of a tool for organizational development to facilitate implementation and uptake of the approach in classrooms, schools and among school owners. This holistic combination of teacher’s empowerment and organizational development will go beyond the current models for social and emotional learning (SEL), and will be referred to as the “BOOST approach”.

The target population of the BOOST approach is primary school children, and the end users are schools and teachers who will use the tools developed in the project. To ensure the relevance of the BOOST approach in a wide range of European contexts, the approach will be developed, implemented and tested in three different European settings in Poland, Spain, and Norway.