The main result of the BOOST project is the BOOST Approach: a systematic, whole school approach to help schools organize and promote their work with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Throughout the project, it was hinted at several times and now the end result is ready for sharing!

The BOOST Approach is built carefully on existing scientific evidence and additional insights gained through the BOOST project. After a formative study and extensive consultations with key stakeholders, the BOOST project developed an organizational and pedagogical approach called the BOOST Approach. The next phase was testing, for which the BOOST Approach was implemented in real school environments in nine schools in three European countries, Norway, Spain, and Poland, with the support of an incredible team of local school staff. Based on stakeholder feedback from this first testing round, the BOOST project adjusted the Approach to the result presented now.

On the BOOST Approach website, you can find multiple sets of resources. First and foremost, the 5-step guide to the BOOST Approach is available for download. There is also a guide to help you facilitate shared social and emotional learning, and a guide to creating and sharing tools. These resources are intended for school staff looking to implement or experiment with the BOOST Approach and are free for anyone who finds them helpful to download. Discover more via the button below!