Advisory Board

The BOOST advisory board consists of relevant experts and stakeholders. The Advisory Board convenes approximately four/five times during the project. The Advisory Board members will also be invited to the Final Conference.

It has been set up to ensure not only scientific relevance, but also pedagogical and technical relevance of the electronic platform manual and test platform, as well as political and practical relevance of the service.

The Advisory Board will add value by participating in discussions and providing feedback and recommendations about the initial and final content of the BOOST approach and its components and by participating in discussions on research methodology, exploitation options, and policy recommendations.


Associate Professor Rosario Cabello
University of Granada (Spain)

Professor Pablo Fernandez-Berrocal
University of Malaga (Spain)

Dr Mimi Tatlow-Golden
The Open University (UK)

Dr Halvdan Haugsbakken
Norwegian University for Science and Technology (Norway)

Professor Venka Simovska
Aarhus University, School of Education, Arts (School development, wellbeing and learning) (Denmark)

Inger Mari Sørvig
Arendal Municipality (Norway)

Elżbieta Leszczyńska
Office of Education (Poland)

Esther Ruiz Córdoba
Cordoba local government (Spain)

Dr Nils Lundin
Skåne Care Sund (Sweden)

Dr Miriam Weijers
GGD (Public Health Service) of the Region of Zuid-Limburg (Netherlands)

Lluís Lalucat
Les Corts Mental Health Center, Barcelona (Spain)

Stig Johannessen
General Secretary/ Forbundsleder Association of School Leaders/ Skolelederforbundet (Norway)

Johannes Theiner
European Parents’ Association